Letter to Santa from Grammy Sue

Santa and Grover, Dec. 2012

Dear Santa,

Two years ago, then last year, I asked you please to send me patience for Christmas. You told me both years that I needed to wait for it. I have waited for a very long time for patience.

I have done my very best to be good. I love my family more than life itself. I love my friends and I love those friends I haven’t met yet. I have volunteered in the community. I’ve helped out as much as I could when I saw someone in need. I have tried to share the message that you bring to our hearts every year and that of our Father and the Son whose birth we celebrate–the message of the importance of love in this life., total, unselfish and unconditional. I’ve tried hard so hard to share that love.

Please, dear Santa, do you think this year could be the year to finally have patience in my life? It’s my one selfish desire. I have patience with anyone else but me. I get impatient to be totally well again and when I can’t seem to accomplish all I need to do. I have no patience at all when I feel I’ve let someone down. I really try not to think of myself as much as others–but I have no patience with me whatsoever. I need it desperately.


While I wrote these words to you, dear sweet man, I have changed my mind. I no longer want patience. I have some other gift in mind. I wish that you could visit all the lonely, brokenhearted people, those who are ill and alone, those that don’t have the blessings of love, those that doubt, all over the world. Please bring them love. Please give them hope to hang on. We desperately need to bring love and hope into the world. I am a hopeful romantic, knowing that somewhere in this world, there is a soul mate for each one of us. People need to come together, open their hearts to others and love will come to them. If they just knew that by loving unconditionally, one person at a time, friends or relatives, we can change the world. We can make miracles happen if we have hope and love.

John F. Kennedy said, “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” Please help me, this one person, to make a difference here on earth. We need hope, healing and love.

I have hope, sweet Santa. I could use some healing, but that is coming with time. Love for me? Santa, I have been blessed so much in my life with love. I need nothing this year other than what I have asked for others. =

Maybe one more thing, please. Please help people understand that we need to listen to the words of our Savior and to share them with others. He, of course, is the Author of love.

Thank you, dear man. I wait hopefully and patiently.

with love and gratitude,
Mary Sue

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I'm a: natural healer, grandmother of almost seven, lover of life, lover of travel, hopeful romantic, writer, blogger, reader of everything worthwhile (and some that's not), lover of people, friends and family (not necessarily in that order), lover of education, and so much more.
  • http://yhoo julie

    love the pic!

    • http://www.marysuemarshall.com Mary Sue

      Julie, the picture of Santa is a very good friend of mine. If Santa exists, it is definitely this man. Personality, looks, kindness, compassion, generous and unconditional love. The little guy on his lap is the son of another good friend of mine. Other than looks, he also has the qualities Santa does. I love this picture. I do believe in Santa. Without a doubt.