“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
~~ Socrates~~

In order for a butterfly to change from a caterpillar, it has to cease doing everything. Completely. Despite what must be against all of its instincts until this point in time, it just simply must lie and wait for transformation.It has to submit totally to the massive changes, cell by cell, that will enable it to transform. It must lie in the prison of its coccoon, without stimuli from the world and wait, motionless. It trusts nature and its Creator that the agony and pain it feels will be worth what happens to it in the end.

So must we, in order for us to make changes in our lives and cope with the trials we face today, trust our Creator to know what is in our best interests. When we have need of change, either to ourselves or our circumstances, we have to know that the higher Power in the Universe in most definitely in charge. We need to admit that we cannot do anything in and of ourselves. We must ask for help for change, then totally submit our will and our inability to help ourselves.

It is against our natures to just submit to the will of another. We sometimes feel that there is no way on earth that there will be no end the pain we are feeling. Sometimes we lose hope that what we are going through now will ever change. We fight and kick against the pricks, but see nothing happening for the better. It is so difficult to just trust in our Creator to help us change. We aren’t used to being still and waiting. We must submit to those things that will bring true transformation to ourselves and our lives. But it is the only way change can happen in our lives.

The caterpillar will, after its transformation inside its coccoon, emerge into the bright light, a new being, one totally and completely different than what it was before the great changes came over it. We, too, will become new beings, full of faith, hope, trust and love, if we but submit to the changes that can take place in us. We have to do what we can to make these changes, ask for help, then lie in wait.

The coccoon and its old life left behind, the caterpillar leaves the boundaries of its former being to take flight, as a glorious winged creature, to fly off into the world as a beautiful butterfly, fulfilling the measure of its creation. We, too, will become creatures of a lightness of being, to become the people we are meant to be. Trusting in everything that may seem against our nature, being still, allowing miracles to take place within us, will transform us into new beings of light. With hope, faith, patience, trust and love, we, too, will become all we are meant to be.

We will also leave the coccoon of our old lives, enter the new one and take flight.

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  • Claudia Loya

    I needed this. Thank you.